UK Ports announce trusted Partner Agreement with Arcanum Information Security

UK Ports announce trusted Partner Agreement with Arcanum Information Security

UK Ports have recently announced ‘Trusted Partner’ status for Arcanum Information Security, with Director Bill Anderson stating, 

“Thanks to Fiona Jobson Arcanum Information Security for excellent work on Cyber security with us at UK Ports.”

Arcanum Information Security are a specialist Cyber and Digital Forensic Consultancy formed in 2008. Their highly trusted staff have ex-military or government service experience and top-level security clearances. The consultants have Certified Cyber Professional status awarded by GCHQ and the National Cyber Security Centre. Many are Armed Forces Reservists, using their cyber-security skills and expertise on operational tasking to help protect the UK.  They employ the same highly developed principles and commitment to deliver timely, high quality work and advice to clients.

They are on standby to assist with Ports, Marine & Offshore Cyber security . Cyber security awareness and training are the first steps to a safer and securer future at sea. If you or your organisation would like to learn more about offerings for Ports and Maritime Organisations. For further details please visit:

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