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Our penetration testing services are a consultant lead exercise, designed to expose vulnerabilities that could leave you open to cyber-attacks. We offer a broad range of services to simulate different types of cyber-attack, and to test your organisation’s defences against real-world scenarios.

Arcanum provides penetration testing services to clients across a range of sectors from government and defence, to SMEs and FTSE companies. We are trusted to deliver a full range of CHECK and CREST approved penetration testing activities including application, infrastructure, OT testing, and bespoke services. We use skilled consultants with vast experience across a range of sectors and disciplines.

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Mark Eagles, Information Security Analyst, ZSL:

“ZSL has benefitted a huge amount from this assessment and your patient support and advice over the past year, which has left us in a much better state for Cyber Security than when we started. Please accept my sincere thanks to the penetration testing team and everyone that helped from Arcanum throughout the assessments over the past year, and for your support with Cyber Essentials Plus. We look forward to working with you again in the future.“

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Red Teaming

A targeted attack used to prepare organisations for real-world cyber incidents.

A Red Team provides insights about your organisations capability to identify attacks in progress and can be used as a training exercise for your security teams.

Social Engineering

The art of manipulating your employees to entice them to give up confidential company information.

Used by hackers to gain a foothold in your organisation through human error rather than technical flaws.

Web Application Security Testing

Used to test the security of your web application.

This assessment can help you identify any vulnerabilities or threats to jeopardise the app’s integrity and your user’s confidence.

Remediating the issues found can strengthen your overall security posture, ultimately helping your defences against malicious users and provide a heightened level of security.

Infrastructure Penetration Testing

An infrastructure assessment, both internal and external, will help you identify weaknesses across your largest attack surface.

Our testing is performed in a controlled environment, simulating methods a real-world attacker would use to penetrate and attack your environment.

Mobile Application Testing

Mobile devices are rapidly becoming an integral part of our working lives. They hold emails, access to your internal networks and most of all your employees carry them around in their day-to-day lives.

Testing the security of your mobile application is important to identify any vulnerabilities or threats to jeopardise its integrity and potentially the integrity of your network.

Code Reviews

A code review can verify the security of your application source code and find security flaws that may have been overlooked in the initial development phase.

OT Pen Testing

Penetration testing expands on the vulnerability assessment to determine the extent to which these weaknesses could be used to cause harm in a real-world attack on your Operational Technology (OT) systems. They play important roles in both finding ways to strengthen your OT environment’s security, and for providing assurance that security measures are in fact providing the desired level of protection.

Build Reviews

Build and configuration reviews help ensure that corporate system builds for servers, workstations, laptops, and other network infrastructure are configured securely and in line with security best practices and standards.

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