Cyber Security for Maritime

We have developed a deep understanding of the cyber issues facing the Port and Maritime sectors from both our military service and as a specialist Cyber Security Consultancy.

More than 90% of world trade including the global transportation of energy is conducted by sea and our reliance on technology continues to increase, we are now very much immersed in the digital era. We understand the challenges that the digital era brings to shipping and offshore operations.

Ships and offshore platforms are becoming more sophisticated and in many cases crews are getting smaller. The cyber threat at sea poses significant security, safety and financial risks to shipping and offshore operations. Cyber security should be considered a board level priority issue in order to tackle this emerging threat at sea.

In our view, the interconnection of numerous ship borne and port systems which were not designed with security as a consideration has made the Port and Maritime Industry particularly vulnerable to cyber-attack. Our experience in leading the UK contingent on a multinational, real time Critical National Infrastructure Cyber Defence exercise in the USA, has given us cutting edge insight into the vulnerabilities exposed by interconnected IT and SCADA systems. More importantly, it has shown us how they can be protected from attack by organised crime and cyber terrorism.

We have developed particular expertise in:

  • Security Accreditation
  • De-risking System Procurement
  • Secure Architecture Design
  • Digital Forensics
  • Penetration Testing
  • Cyber security Awareness and Training
  • IT Health Checks
  • Security Requirements


To find out about Arcanum’s work in Critial National Infrastructure and the NCSC CAF, click here.

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