CISO (Outsourced)

The CISO’s job is to protect their company and its digital assets, and the job requirements are often multi-layered, increasingly complex and vital to all business units within the organisation. The following five parts of the job description are the common top-line priorities:

Develop enterprise-wide security programs
Identify, report and control security incidents
Manage and train security staff
Monitor threats and take preventive measures
Be available to communicate with the business continuously

What are the benefits?

An increase in the effectives of existing security controls and the development of your security posture. Senior leadership can have peace of mind knowing that there is a dedicated resource focusing on ensuring that the organisations security supports its business objectives and ensures return of investment by streamlining security processes and minimising the impact of security events.

What we offer

The appointed Arcanum CISO will:

Assimilate themselves within the business and discuss the specific legal and regulatory compliance requirements for the company
Produce business focused security risk assessments to feed the corporate risk register
Create prioritised risk treatment plans based on the risk assessment that covers Security Technology / Process / Resource Policy
Establish and document security incident management processes/escalation
Review security policies and procedures and recommend any changes / updates
Provide business focused security awareness / training

Propose a timeline for essential tasks required by the CISO over the next 6 months, to include:

  • Monthly risk review
  • Scheduled business updates
  • Routine security working groups
  • Production of legal and regulatory compliance evidence
  • Threat landscape review
Identify additional CISO activities based on the client’s ISO role definitions
Ensure rapid and effective response to any security related incident reported for CISO action

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