Data Privacy Assessments

Since the adoption of the GDPR, it has never been more important for an to understand their obligations towards data protection. Arcanum consultants who are trained and experienced in data protection and can help your organisation assess the risks to your data and the impact that this can have on your business objectives.

What are the benefits?

Understanding your organisations data and the threats that may be posed to it, is the first step in ensuring that you are compliant to data protection legislation. Having a trained data privacy professional can help your organisation identify the data you are responsible for, what obligations you have and the impact this can have on your business objectives.

What we offer

The Arcanum Consultant can perform in depth Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIAs) and workshops. These will provide you with:

An analysis of your data and the risks you face relating to personal data processing activities

Produce a report containing the following:

  • Executive summary
  • Findings
  • Impact assessment
  • Recommended remedial actions

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