The ASSURE scheme, launched in January 2020, is the Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) third-party cyber security audit model.

Aviation organisations such as UK airports, air carriers and air navigation service providers in scope of the CAA’s Cyber Security Oversight Process are required to complete an ASSURE Cyber Audit. The ASSURE Scheme provides the aviation industry with a mechanism to manage their cyber security risks without compromising aviation safety, security or resilience whilst ensuring compliance with applicable regulations.

Arcanum have been accepted onto the CAA ASSURE short-list of approved audit service providers having demonstrated the competence and skill to be recognised as an ASSURE Cyber Supplier. As an ASSURE Cyber Supplier, Arcanum, on behalf of the CAA, can now perform independent ASSURE Cyber Audits against the organisations Cyber Assessment Framework (CAF) for Aviation. Arcanum’s ASSURE team have broad exposure to the aviation industry as well as vast experience with Operational Technology (OT) systems.

We are CAA ASSURE compliant

For Arcanum to be compliant with the CAA ASSURE scheme in partnership with CREST, our ASSURE Cyber Audit team will collectively hold registrations across all three ASSURE Specialisms:

Cyber Audit & Risk Management
Technical Cyber Security Expert
Industrial Control Systems/Operational Technology Expert

Cyber Security Oversight Process

CAP1753 outlines the CAA’s approach to cyber security oversight which includes the CAF for Aviation, ASSURE cyber audit, and incorporation of cyber security oversight into existing CAA Performance Based Oversight processes. The Cyber Security Oversight Process involves six key steps:


Critical Systems Scoping

Cyber Self Assessment

ASSURE Cyber Audit

Provisional Statement of Assurance

Final Statement of Assurance and Certificate of Compliance

After assessing the relevance of each step, Arcanum’s expert consultants will provide the knowledge and input that you need to complete the applicable steps in a comprehensive end-to-end lifecycle.

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