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Our digital forensic experts will help you recover lost data, investigate breaches and support your disciplinary or legal activities producing readily usable, clear, meaningful and legally acceptable reports.

Arcanum Digital Forensics is ISO 17025 Accredited

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Arcanum is committed to providing excellent Digital Forensic services to our clients. We identify, recover, investigate, and interpret data which is delivered in a readily viewable format for your assessment.

We are a West Midlands based ISO17025 Accredited laboratory who has provided expert forensic services since 2005. The forensic team has supported public and private sector clients through corporate, civil, and criminal investigations. Through specialist forensic software, and validated procedures, Arcanum Digital Forensics can examine a wide variety of digital media.

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CCTV Evidence counterfeit tobacco case

A local authority in the UK wanted to prosecute a seller of counterfeit tobacco. Arcanum was engaged to carry out CCTV footage extraction, using a stringent process to support the investigation. The CCTV evidence produced proved crucial to facilitate a successful prosecution.

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Call centre fraud

Business in South Wales made sales calls all over the UK claiming to be Sky TV or mobile telephone service providers renewing insurance policies. The team recovered data, including deleted call recordings, and were also able to identify the location from which the company’s IT consultant accessed and attempted to delete data from servers during the early stages of the warrant. Eight defendants were sentenced to a total of 23 years imprisonment.

Bogus escort agency

Spanish based business recruited UK nationals to an escort agency for which a registration fee was required. No work ever emerged. The team supported a number of warrant executions on behalf of a local authority in South East England and examined computers recovered from UK based components of the fraud including telecoms providers, money launderers and payment service providers. The operator of the fraud was sentenced to seven and a half years imprisonment with others involved sentenced to between two and six and a half years.

Cow identity theft

Dairy farmer in the South West defrauded DEFRA of Bovine TB compensation payments by switching the identity of cows. The team supported a search warrant at the farm and recovered key information from computer systems. The farmer was fined over £60,000.

Sea Bass

North East England based business supplied fish described as Sea Bass to a major chain and forged an email purporting to be from a regulator approving this description of a species not normally considered as Sea Bass. The team were able to show that the email was a forgery even though the original had been deleted. A director received a six months prison sentence and the company was fined £50,000.

Postal crime facilitator

Central England based business facilitated the operation of bogus lotteries and special offers. The team recovered data from network storage devices and seized computer equipment. The director was sentenced to three years imprisonment and the local authority involved received over £500,000 as a Proceeds of Crime award.

Fake goods

London based business imported a variety of counterfeit products they had made to order in China. Team recovered key data and emails. Directors sentenced to 15 months and 9 months imprisonment and company fined £52,500.

Corporate employee investigations

The team has supported internal investigations into computer misuse, property theft and subsequent re-sale, IP theft, fraud, use of corporate resources to run private businesses, harassment, malware incidents, inappropriate use of social media etc.

Motor vehicle fraud

West Midlands based car sales business sold vehicles which were incorrectly described in various ways. The team were able to show that various documents had been forged on the computers seized. Four defendants were sentenced to a total of eleven years and eight months.

Our team of expert analysts can examine computers, servers, mobile telephones, tablets, sat-navs, CCTV systems and legacy storage systems such as floppy discs and digital media of almost every kind.

We are experienced in supporting investigations into fraud, consumer focused crime, workplace accidents, employee computer misuse, computer and network compromise and more. The team can also identify and capture online evidence from websites and social networking. Our forensic department is expert in recovering evidence, processing and analyzing the data whilst ensuring that evidence extracted is preserved in its original format to be admissible in a court of law.

ISO 17025 Accreditation

Arcanum Digital Forensics achieved our UKAS ISO 17025 Accreditation in August 2018

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ISO 17025 Accredited
Recovery of Lost or Hidden Data
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“LB Tower Hamlets Trading Standards have used Phil Hatton’s services on a number of occasions for phones, tablets and hard drives. We have received professional encrypted reports and Phil has always been happy to provide follow up support.”

Trading Standards,
London Borough of Tower Hamlets

“Their reports on their findings are always comprehensive and detailed, and they strive to explain how the equipment has been used in connection with the offences under investigation rather than merely providing a disc full of extracted files.

We would recommend Arcanum Digital Forensics to other Trading Standards and Organisations requiring Digital Forensic expertise.”

Trading Standards,

“Expert witness evidence of a high standard has assisted us to secure convictions in a range of Trading Standards cases including illegal call centre operators, suppliers of counterfeit goods and in respect of the supply of unsafe products ranging from motor vehicles to domestic portable appliances and toys.”

Trading Standards,

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