Security Configuration Reviews

As the requirement for remote access to OT systems becomes more common, and the use of open standards such as Ethernet, TCP/IP becomes more widespread, the potential for cyberattacks against your networks becomes more likely. To combat this, it is necessary for you to implement appropriate security controls to ensure that your business objectives can continue to me achieved. To aid with this, ISA/IEC have published a framework designed to secure your OT control systems.

What are the benefits?

Ensuring that you have a robust security management system in place, which ensures security controls are effective, is key to supporting your business objectives. Implementing ISA/IEC 62443 provides you with the best framework to ensure that you are able to identify your assets, risks and appropriate security controls needed to manage risks to support your business objectives.

What we offer

Arcanum are able to provide a complete end to end service for enterprise OT systems; including penetration testing/discover, risk assess and recommend remediation with qualified and experienced ISA/IEC 62443 consultants. Please see below for the Arcanum ten phase roadmap.

Example of Arcanum ISA/IEC 62443 Project Delivery

Example of Arcanum ISA/IEC 62443 Project Delivery

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