Working From Home – COVID-19

Working From Home – COVID-19

Much of the nation is now working from home, and many employees are not used to working outside of an office environment. Cyber hackers are seeing this as an opportunity to exploit vulnerabilities.

The current risk is heightened as hackers are targeting people’s thirst for COVID-19 information. Recipients of a compelling email with news such as a potential cure are much more likely to click on malicious links or download attachments. The emails could unknowingly deliver malware or aim to steal the victim’s credentials.

Without the right security, personal devices can leave a company vulnerable to hacking. If information is leaked or breached through a personal device, the company will be deemed liable. It is important that organisations implement clear and well communicated cyber security policies specific to remote working.

The UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has issued guidance to help organisations manage the cyber security challenges of increased home working:

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