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The principles of cyber security should be effectively applied to any industry that uses internet enabled services to somehow manage or utilise their data, but our experience, in particular with government and defence operations mean we are particularly adept in the following fields. 

Defence Sector


In today’s geopolitical climate, and as warfare increasingly relies on digital technology, it is becoming ever more difficult to protect our vital defence infrastructure and the data it contains. We are trusted by many organisations to navigate this minefield at the forefront of cybersecurity, facilitating the protection of millions of citizens.

Government Sector


Serving an ever increasing population has seen an upswell in critical infrastructure and technological deployment. Governments both home and abroad trust Arcanum to assist in the protection of these critical systems from known threats, and react to new threats as they emerge

Enterprise Sector


Enterprise, both global and national, relies on digital infrastructure to keep pace with economic need. Protecting your vital business data is imperative to ensure continued business success, and we specialise is tailoring solutions that are as unique as your organisation.

SME Sector


We understand SMEs. We are one and we’ve worked with many others. We have helped them protect their own systems and deliver secure products to their customers, brining technologies and practices

Cyber Security for Critical National Infrastructure

Critical National Infrastructure

We help secure UK’s Critical National Infrastructure. As an NCSC Certified Consultancy we are trusted by Regulators, Operators and their Supply Chains to understand and mitigate Cyber Security Risks

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