No Lockdown in the Cybercrime World

No Lockdown in the Cybercrime World

Blog by Chris Gausden, Arcanum Cyber Security Principal Consultant.

Security has been a challenge for many thousands of years, and the advent of IT systems in the 90s merely added a new aspect to this perennial problem. In the past, targeted assets were physically lost or stolen. The advent of photography and the miniaturisation of cameras provided a simple way of copying data that could then be “stolen” and transferred. IT and the digital world has made this much easier still and changed all of that forever. The physical theft of business assets has never really gone away, but the logical theft and disruption of data and services is where crime and espionage have largely moved to.

There are many lists of current global cyber-attacks that identify the various ways in which criminals target and successfully attack business IT systems. They often highlight some of the simple security mistakes made by organisations when they operate their IT assets. IT Governance has provided a very useful view of global cyberattacks carried out in the month of May 2020 [1]. This shows the increasing number of these attacks.

In amongst the details provided, there are several simple perennial security mistakes and root causes that led to successful attacks and subsequent data breaches. These root causes include everything from the lack of a secure redundant equipment disposal process [2], to a failure to address the risk of Phishing attacks [3]. Mitigation of these risks can often be achieved by using effective security technology and appropriate education and training for staff.

Even the more sophisticated cyberattacks can often be broken down into a simple set of vulnerabilities in technology and process, each of which contributes to exploitable weaknesses, or weaknesses in the operation of an organisation’s business IT.

With so many cybersecurity companies claiming to be able to help you to secure your organisation, it is difficult for you to know where to seek help. Arcanum is Certified by NCSC as an expert in Risk Assessment and Risk Management [4] and is, therefore, a trusted source of advice. Our experienced consultants can help you identify where weaknesses lie in your organisation. They will estimate the probability that they will be exploited and the priority with which they should be rectified, and help you address them.

Let us help to prevent you from featuring in the next list of data breaches to be published….

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