Cyber Attack on DP World Australia

Cyber Attack on DP World Australia

Recent reporting has provided insight into the notable attack against Australia’s biggest ports operator ‘DP World Australia’. DP World Australia detected an unauthorised breach of its network on Friday 10th November 2023, and subsequently disconnected its networks from the internet in order to prevent any on-going unauthorised access. 

DP World Australia manages operations at container terminals in Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney, managing approx. 40% of goods entering and leaving Australia. Although DP World Australia is reportedly now back online, the breach led to a halt in operations, causing disruption over the weekend.  

From a Risk Management perspective, a breach of this nature has the potential to have an impact on DP World Australia’s brand and reputation with customers and employees, as well as potential financial implications. Of note, disruptions to essential OT services like these can have severe consequences on a business’ ability to maintain operations and generation of revenue. 

There are many factors that need to be considered when securing Maritime OT. This includes, but not limited to: IT/OT Convergence; Port and Warehouse Management Systems; new navigation and vessel tracking systems; third party access and internet connectivity; the supply chain; and potential maritime Net Zero requirements.  

The Cyber Assessment Framework (CAF) collection, consisting of 14 cybersecurity and resilience principles, helps organisations such as those in the maritime industry assess and demonstrate an appropriate level of cyber resilience in relation to certain specified essential functions performed by that organisation. 

In addition, ISA / IEC 62443 is a series of standards designed to help an organisation secure their operational technology. 

Arcanum’s dedicated OT Cybersecurity Team have experience in securing OT using ISA / IEC 62443 and in helping Operators of Essential Services achieve CAF compliance. 

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