Digital Forensics Case Study: CCTV Analysis – Private Investigation

Digital Forensics Case Study: CCTV Analysis – Private Investigation

Digital Forensics and CCTV Evidence Case Study

CCTV systems play a vital role in capturing criminal activities. Evidence obtained from a CCTV footage can provide crucial details of the crime. Our digital forensics practitioners are experienced in the recovery of evidence from CCTV systems.

At the Arcanum Digital Forensics laboratory, we can extract CCTV evidence and supply footage in an easy to view format which can be admissible in court.

A previous CCTV analysis case worked on by Arcanum Digital Forensics includes:

Private Investigation – Arcanum supported a private investigation, where an umbrella company was subject to a liquidation order; this required the closure of the business and the redistribution of assets. Approximately 50 devices were seized, along with a CCTV system during an on-site seizure that contained valuable evidence. The CCTV system was brought back to Arcanum’s laboratory and footage was extracted with over 1,000 clips provided to the customer.

Outcome: This evidence was crucial for the investigation which helped identify the owner escaping the business premises from a backdoor upon the arrival of the liquidation team. Further incriminating business activities captured via CCTV provided crucial evidence in the case.

Our digital forensics laboratory is compliant with ISO 17025 and Forensic Science Regulator’s Codes of Practice and Conduct. This ensures that our Digital Forensics team is competent to produce valid results by preserving continuity and integrity of the digital evidence to be admissible in a court of law.

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