Cyber Essentials

In addition to protecting your own systems, increasingly your Clients want proof that you are protecting their personal data. The government backed Cyber Essentials Scheme can help you achieve both these aims. Furthermore, the introduction of the General Data Protection Act means that all companies are legally obliged to provide state of the art protection to any personal data they have and to report any loss of that data to the Information Commissioner.

Our consultants are well placed to help you achieve certification and advise you on the technical, physical and procedural measures you should take to protect the data you hold.

Cyber Essentials – This programme costs from £300 for the Self-Assessment route.  This is suitable for the simplest of systems and where you are confident in your IT structures.  We can also offer Supported Self-Assessment and a Fully Managed service.

Cyber Essentials Plus – This far more robust programme costs from £1,600 and can include Self-Assessment, supported and Fully Managed options.

cyber essentials certified
cyber essentials plus certified

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