Cyber Attack on US Airports

Cyber Attack on US Airports

Cyber attacks have caused websites at over a dozen US airports to temporarily go offline, with Russian speaking hackers claiming responsibility. These include airports in Atlanta, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.

On Monday morning, LaGuardia airport in New York was the first to report a cyber attack to the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).

Following these incidents, it seems an appropriate moment to remind the Aerospace sector that Arcanum are an NCSC Certified Cyber Security Consultancy and can also provide CAA ASSURE audit services specifically tailored to the aviation sector.

Arcanum’s Penetration Testing services are a CREST approved consultant lead exercise, designed to expose vulnerabilities that could leave you open to cyber-attacks. Arcanum offer a broad range of services to simulate different types of cyber-attack, and to test organisations defences against real-world scenarios.

Arcanum are also accredited as a supplier on the CAA ASSURE scheme, meaning we are able to offer the service of CAA ASSURE Audits for organisations within the Space and Aerospace sectors. The ASSURE Scheme provides aviation organisations with a level of assurance in their choice of audit supplier and a structure for how audits should be conducted.  This accreditation demonstrates Arcanum’s expertise and capability across cyber security and risk management in operational technology, and specifically within the aviation sector.

Arcanum employees have vast first-hand experience and knowledge of the aviation industry. Previous roles have included aviation security (including airfield, passenger, air freight and in-flight security) as well as holding aircrew roles (pilots and air navigators). This benefits both us and you, because we understand your working area and can deliver the services that you require.

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