IASME Charity Cyber Essentials Awareness Fortnight 2022

IASME Charity Cyber Essentials Awareness Fortnight 2022

Arcanum are proud to support IASME’s Charity Cyber Essentials Awareness Fortnight 2022.

Between the 7th and 18th of November 2022, IASME will be working closely with NCSC and certification bodies, like Arcanum, to educate charities about the cyber threats they face and inform them on the benefits of being Cyber Essentials certified.

Charities are sitting on a data treasure trove. Valuable information on beneficiaries, supporters and volunteers as well as invoice and payment details can be sold by cyber criminals and used to identify other targets. In the present digital, post-COVID age, trust and cyber security are interwoven. By achieving Cyber Essentials, a charity can demonstrate commitment to cyber security and protection of customer data.

During this awareness fortnight, registered charities will be entitled to register for Cyber Essentials Certification for a discounted price.

Here is how the Cyber Essentials charity discount scheme works:

  • You will need to give us your registered charity number, where we will confirm it with the Charity Commission Register.
  • You must apply for your Cyber Essentials certification during Charity Cyber Essentials Awareness Fortnight, which starts on the 7th of November. Cut off will be 5pm on 18th November.
  • You must start the process within one month of application and must have completed and submitted the assessment by 18th May 2023.

If these conditions are not met, IASME and/ or participating Certification Bodies reserve the right to invoice the cost without applying the ‘Charity Cyber Essentials Awareness Fortnight’ discount or require the charity to re-apply at full cost.

If you would like to find out more about the Cyber Essentials Scheme and how it can help protect your organisation from common cyber threats click here. 

Or, to speak to a member of our team: 

call: 029 2278 4452
or email: fiona.hughes@arcanumis.com