In the fast-moving and innovative field of commercial satellite operations, maintaining security is critical. As an experienced and trusted consultancy, Arcanum Cyber Security has worked with leading network solutions provider, OneWeb, over the last 18 months to help the company prioritise governance and handle ongoing regulatory requirements.

OneWeb needs to align its security architecture and risk posture with a number of international regulators (US government, as well as the UK government and Civil Aviation Authority).  The satellite communications specialist engaged with Arcanum in 2021 to assist with this, by streamlining its approach to security and enhancing risk posture.

More specifically, Arcanum has supported OneWeb to align itself to an industry-recognised security control set. Adherence to security standards and compliance requirements is essential for any organisation wishing to gain and retain a licence to work in the industry.  The work has included building OneWeb’s Information Security Management System (ISMS) to comply with the requirements of Team Telecom (US Government).

As a consultancy with expertise in NIST 800-53, CAA licensing requirements and CAF regulations, Arcanum was well placed to work with OneWeb to maintain the highest standards for security.

Arcanum’s Senior Cyber Consultant, Sam Stait, has been the project lead for OneWeb. He says:

“Since working with OneWeb we have been able to support the in-house team to meet requirements and backfill gaps in their internal resource. Where their team are focused on business as usual, we can help them deal with any additional requirements or project work on a flexible basis.

“OneWeb’s technical capability is excellent in handling security threats, managing threat intelligence and incident response. So, our time is focused largely on the compliance side. This is particularly important for an organisation like OneWeb that has expanded rapidly in recent years and has identified the importance of governance across the entire enterprise.

Working towards a robust security control set is critical for an organisation like OneWeb, where quality of governance can mean the difference between winning contracts and having satellites de-orbited.

Alongside this work, Arcanum has also supported OneWeb to develop security strategies and risk assessments to meet ongoing regulatory requirements.

Prioritising supply chain security

Managing the security of supply chains is a particular challenge in the field of satellite communications – as it is in many other industries and sectors. The number of organisations involved in getting a communications satellite into space and functioning is, not surprisingly, extensive. And with each supplier or vendor comes additional risk and requirement.

Sam says:

“The global infrastructure to control satellites is extensive and comes with many challenges – from assuring the security of ground stations and network interconnects, to ensuring the provenance of components and parts. We have worked closely with OneWeb to help them advise and define a framework for implementation to provide supply chain transparency and a clearer identification of risk.”

Speaking on the working relationship with Arcanum, Chris Moore, VP Defence & Security and CISO for OneWeb says:

“Working with Arcanum Cyber Security over the last two years has enabled us to dedicate the necessary time and resource to our compliance and governance requirements. Arcanum’s understanding of the regulatory bodies and security standards that we encounter is critical to helping us deliver the quality network we require.”

If your organisation works within the commercial space industry and are looking to improve your own risk posture and security controls, get in touch.
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