In recent years, international soft drinks brand Britvic has gone through a rapid and large-scale digitalisation process, designed to enhance manufacturing capabilities and improve efficiency. As part of this process, Britvic engaged with Arcanum Cyber Security to help the organisation understand the risks to its operational technologies (OT) and support the organisation to improve both physical and cyber security. 

As a responsible organisation looking to mitigate this risk and ensure the very highest standards of security, Britvic approached Arcanum in 2021 to review the adequacy of existing security controls, implement a Cyber Security Management System (CSMS) based on the ISA/IEC 62443 standards and conduct a detailed risk assessment of its ICS networks.  

Having designed, built and implemented a significant amount of automation as part of day-to-day processes in recent years, Arcanum undertook a discovery project with Britvic to conduct an initial cyber security maturity assessment and to assess potential risks – from initial production right through to the organisation’s extensive supply chain.  

The discovery phase also involved working with Britvic to help the organisation identify the industry standards it should be aligning to, how appropriate governance could be implemented, and which risks should be addressed as a priority. A Business Impact Analysis was also performed to assess the logistical and financial implications of any threat to business as usual, as well as to identify asset criticality per process. 

Upon the successful completion of this work, Arcanum’s team followed up with a test and exercise phase. This included conducting physical penetration assessments across five sites and a harmonisation process to manage the risk of threats that may extend across international borders and between premises. 

In addition to conducting ISA/IEC62443 Initial/High-Level and Detailed Risk Assessments, Arcanum also provided Britvic with accurate and detailed network architecture diagrams for each of the three British sites and two sites abroad. This labour-intensive project is essential for an organisation like Britvic, giving a comprehensive and accurate visual representation of all networks and providing important insights into the potential threat vectors and vulnerabilities within the organisation. 

The client’s view. 

“We’ve been thrilled by the strength of the working relationship we’ve built with Arcanum Cyber Security over the last two years. Their attention to detail, flexibility and willingness to work around our individual requirements has been essential to the smooth running of this security project. 

“We continue to have an excellent relationship with the Arcanum team and are building our cyber roadmap over the coming years to ensure our OT security remains at the highest standard possible.” 

David Cox, Senior Manager – OT Compliance & Cyber Security Britvic 

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