Arcanum Sweeps the UK Cyber Security Council Awards: Celebrating 11 Professional Titles

Arcanum Sweeps the UK Cyber Security Council Awards: Celebrating 11 Professional Titles

Eleven Cyber Consultants from leading UK Cyber Security Consultancy Arcanum have been awarded prestigious professional registration titles by the UK Cyber Security Council. The titles were officially awarded on Thursday, 5th of October at the Council’s awards ceremony in London, in partnership with the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). Eight of Arcanum’s Consultants collected their awards in person, as seen pictured above. These remarkable recognitions highlight unwavering commitment and exceptional expertise in the field of cyber security by each of the recipients.

There are three professional registration titles aligned to the Council’s professional standard; Chartered, Principal and Associate. Currently, 10% of all professional titles are held by Arcanum Consultants. Arcanum is also the employer with the most Associate Cyber Security Professionals, with staff making up 50% of these title holders. Arcanum Consultants were thrilled to receive the following awards:

Amberley Fairley, Arcanum Consultant, with Simon Hepburn, UK Cyber Security Council’s Chief Executive Officer

  • Chartered was awarded to Lawrie Abercrombie (Co-founder & Technical Director) for Risk, Jane Chappell (Co-founder & Operational Director) for Audit, Chris Gausden (Principal Consultant) for Risk and Andrew Linn (Principal Consultant) for Audit.
  • Principal was awarded to Sam Stait and Claire Greathead (both Senior Consultants) for Audit.
  • Associate was awarded to Amberley Fairley (who was first on stage and the first person in the UK to receive an Associate award), Giles Haywood Smith, Jack Fairley, Kaylind Grant and Mikey Longman (all Cyber Security Consultants).

The Council stands as a pillar of excellence within the cyber security community, with a primary mission to champion professionalism and elevate the standards of cybersecurity practitioners across the UK. As a driving force in promoting the development of a highly skilled cybersecurity workforce, the Council plays a pivotal role in shaping the industry’s future.

The newly codified professional registration titles awarded to individuals from Arcanum serve as a testament to their profound knowledge, extensive experience, and dedication to fortifying digital landscapes against emerging threats. These achievements affirm their position as leaders and influencers within the ever-evolving field of cyber security.

In response to these significant recognitions, Lawrie Abercrombie expressed the company’s ongoing commitment to promoting professionalism within the cybersecurity industry. He remarked, “Although I’m personally delighted to have received the title of Chartered Cyber Security Professional from the UK Cyber Security Council. I’m even more delighted that so many of our team, particularly those who are new to the industry, are also receiving professional recognition of their skills and competence. In addition to those of Arcanum’s team who have also made the journey to London to be awarded their Chartered, Principal and Associate memberships, we intend to have every one of our Consultants gain a UK Cyber Security Council professional certification. It is a recognition of the continuous learning, adaption and dedication that goes into staying current in this dynamic field. I look forward to seeing Arcanum continue to contribute to the cybersecurity community and working towards strengthening the collective digital resilience of the UK.”

Arcanum’s achievement signifies their personal triumph as well as their commitment to strengthening the cyber security landscape in the UK. It highlights the critical role that cyber security professionals play in safeguarding Defence, Government Institutions, SME’s and individuals against the ever-evolving digital threats.

As the Council continues to lead efforts to advance the cybersecurity profession, the recognition the Arcanum Cyber Consultants have achieved serves as a shining example of the dedication and excellence necessary to build a secure digital future.

About Arcanum Cyber: Arcanum is an NCSC Assured Cyber Security Consultancy, which employ a large team of highly experiences and qualified consultants. They support clients across multiple sectors, ranging from Critical National Infrastructure, Defence, Space and Aerospace to SME’s. Arcanum provide a comprehensive offering, which includes NCSC assured Risk Management Consultancy, CREST approved Penetration Testing, Civil Aviation Authority ASSURE auditing, PCI DSS and Digital Forensics services.

About the UK Cyber Security Council: The UK Cyber Security Council is the recognised self-regulatory body for the cybersecurity profession in the United Kingdom. Its primary mission is to promote excellence, provide guidance on professional development, and ensure the UK maintains a skilled and resilient cybersecurity workforce to combat emerging threats effectively.

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