Arcanum Promotes Diversity and Inclusion in Cyber Security

Arcanum Promotes Diversity and Inclusion in Cyber Security

Earlier this year, Arcanum set out to promote the diversity of employees within Arcanum and inspire a new generation of women to enter the traditionally male-dominated field of cyber security. In the run up to International Women’s Day in March, Arcanum positively promoted benefits of diversity, equality and inclusion in the cyber world.

Jane Chappell, Arcanum’s co-founder, spoke to the media, highlighting that gender is immaterial when it comes to a career in cyber – particularly relevant as Arcanum’s team is almost half female.  

In addition to talking about gender diversity, Jane stated cybersecurity can be a highly rewarding sector for everyone, as skills and knowledge are valued over identity. Jane said the opportunities are particularly good for neurodiverse candidates in cybersecurity. “Some of the specialisations in cybersecurity are a good fit with people on the autistic spectrum. Some people might not have the best interpersonal skills, but they have some incredible skills that are really sought after by organisations, and it’s about finding the right niche for them.”

Here’s some of our media coverage following the campaign:
Jane featured in Diversity Q magazine speaking about the open workplace culture and diversity at Arcanum.  She stated as long as your skill sets are there and you’re able to justify your knowledge, gender is immaterial: 

Jane featured in GRC World encouraging women to enter the cybersecurity world: 

Jane featured in The Express & Star insisting that anyone from any background can find a place in cyber if they want to: 

Jane featured in Computer Weekly explaining how she found the industry open and accepting to anyone: 

Jane also featured on a UK-wide local network with a viewing figure of over 500,000 to advocate that Cyber is a rewarding career for anyone, regardless of gender: 


Upcoming events featuring Jane:
Jane will be speaking at the virtual Data Protection World Forum event on the 24
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