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Our Values

Arcanum enjoys a reputation for integrity and fairness in all our business dealings. The entire Arcanum team work hard to ensure that this hard-earned reputation is preserved.

In our everyday business transactions, we must be seen to be dealing even-handedly and honestly with all our clients, third parties and others with whom we work.

Code of Ethics

Arcanum is committed to act with ethical integrity.  We are proud to observe and enforce our moral and ethical principles at all times.  Our code of ethics has been approved and endorsed by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC).


Act in the best interests of the client organisation at all times


Preserve the reputation of Arcanum and the frameworks and agreements we have entered into.


Provide advice and ensure that conduct is consistent with applicable laws and regulations


Protect information received in the course of work for the client

Our Management Team

Our professional skills, experience and expertise make Cyber space a safe place for our clients to do business.

Our Company

Arcanum Information Security (AIS) Limited is a specialist Cyber and Information Security Consultancy formed in 2008.

The Latest news

No Silver Bullets

The recent Wannacry ransomware outbreak has focused a lot of attention on cybersecurity, specifically on the use of out-of-support Operating Systems and the critical importance of having an effective patching regime.  Almost immediately after the initial analysis that...

Arcanum awarded FATS/5 Approval

We are delighted to announce that Arcanum has been granted approved supplier status for Filter 26 management and assurance, network design and test, hardware design and test, software security and cyber defence of the latest MoD Framework Agreement for Technical...

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