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The second edition of The Guidelines on Cyber Security Onboard Ships has been released. The latest practical advice has been compiled by the joint industry group, which is led by BIMCO.

BIMCO was the first organisation to see the benefit in joining forces with other countries to secure better deals and standard agreements in shipping -The Baltic and International Maritime Council – The second edition includes information on insurance issues and how to effectively segregate networks, as well as new practical advice on managing the ship to shore interface, and how to handle cyber security during port calls and when communicating with the shore side.

Cyber security is certainly a hot topic for all of us now, and this latest guidance includes valuable information, applying a risk based approach to all of the areas of concern, highlighting how an individual’s unwitting actions might expose their organisation.

The first version of the guidelines was well received by the industry and acknowledged by the IMO and we really do believe that the update offers the most comprehensive guidance for the shipping industry today.

In the light of recent events we urge everyone across the industry to download it – it’s available free of charge – and to consider the risk cybercrime may pose to their ships and operations. Ignorance is no longer an option, as we are all rapidly realising.

Angus Frew, BIMCO Secretary General and CEO

The Guidelines on Cyber Security Onboard Ships are available to download for free.

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